God’s perfect timing puts WWC Rosie in a place to serve Him

God’s perfect timing puts WWC Rosie in a place to serve Him

We set off from Peterborough on July 6th with the aim to be at Buckden Marina, near Huntingdon, for Saturday 18th where we were to leave the boat for planned repair works. These plans were made last year long before we knew about Covid19 and lockdowns, so we were hugely thankful to God that the lock down was lifted on July 4th in time for us to set off and not have to cancel our slot at the marina workshop.

We got stopped at the first lock by a liveaboard boater who shut the gates on us, but still assisted that boater through the lock, before seeing a boat coming towards us so also helped him. This guy had just purchased his boat and was planning to navigate to the River Wey at Godalming near where I used to moor.

I offered him a WWC fridge magnet with the prayer for safety, at which point he shared that he did pray and had been, that morning, praying for a sick person he knew.

He was encouraged and so was I as I shared that I believed God had put me there that day for HIS purposes and plans. As he went on his way, I had the thought that we would see him again one day on the River Wey. I was especially encouraged as it was the first lock and the beginning of our trip; also, that morning the Every Day with Jesus notes had had a reading from Philippians Ch 4 v 10 to 20. V 19 says:

 ‘And my God will meet all your needs …’

In the notes part I read: ‘God is the great giver, and yet He also allows us to give to Him. As we help another person, we are helping Him. Our gift becomes a fragrant offering because it speaks of our faith and love – and all the more when it is sacrificial. As we receive from God, we are able to give Him heartfelt thanks and praise.’

The reflection said ‘Lord show me how I can give something to you today in serving someone else. I trust you to meet every need I have according to Your Word. Amen.’

Had we gone down the lock with the liveaboard boater we would not have had the conversations with the boater heading to Surrey. God knows better than us! I felt hugely blessed as the reading was so apt for what had happened in the lock and we had the sense that God was with us and going ahead preparing the way.