Learn about Chaplaincy Essentials with the Waterways Chaplains

Learn about ‘Chaplaincy Essentials’ with the Waterways Chaplains

You are invited to attend out Chaplaincy Essentials day on 15th February in Cheddleton, Leek.


This event is designed to develop understanding of the breadth and depth of Christian chaplaincy recognising that it may be different from other types of Christian ministry.

Waterways Chaplains are a Team of Christian Volunteers
Volunteer Waterways Chaplains are part of a team

The purpose of the training package is to help both Waterways Chaplains and/or anyone interested in the work to discern the nature of God’s call on their lives and also to establish a common basic skills level in WWC’s across the country.

Chaplaincy Essentials Day Course Content

The day will include consideration of:

  • Chaplains as guest
  • Knowing who you are
  • The Chaplain and the church
  • Listening and Caring
  • Prophecy and Presence

This ‘Chaplaincy Essentials’ day is also one of the three training modules to be completed by all those hoping to be commissioned as Waterways Chaplains (WWC). These modules are:

  1. Chaplaincy Essentials’ – a general introduction to chaplaincy work as a volunteer.
  2. Mentoring by experienced local WWCs
  3. ‘Induction to Waterways Chaplaincy’ – a day organised by Lead Waterways Chaplains.


There will be coffee at 9.45 for a 10.00 start and finish about 4.00pm.  BYO sandwiches. Beverages will be provided.  Please bring a bible, notebook, pencil and mobile phone.

This event is free but we are happy to receive a donation for costs.


Willow Drive, St Edwards Park, Cheddleton, ST13 7FG.

Please contact Barbara.davis@workplacematters.org.uk to find out the full address and to let me know how many will be attending as there are additional resources to send to attendees before they arrive.