Waterways chaplain helps boaters with their lockdown shopping

Waterways chaplain helps boaters with their lockdown shopping

As we all know, shopping during lockdown has become more of a challenge than normal. Wearing face coverings, negotiating one-way systems, all extra difficulties to cope with as well as trying hard to keep ourselves and our neighbours safe.

During January this year, Kim McCloghry, one of our chaplains, who serves on the Grand union canal near Braunston, decided she could help some of the continuous cruisers who moored up on the marina towpath with their shopping and also to collect prescriptions.

Our nearest town is Daventry which has 3 supermarkets so we would each go to a different supermarket and shop for about 5 people. I used to quite like food shopping but no more!!!! I thought it was an easy task but realised that everyone buys very different things, and I did not know where they all were!” said Kim.

Kim and her husband both had Covid back in March last year, so they felt braver than a lot of people to go out – they thought that it was something practical that they could do for others, and they’re already doing it again during this lockdown – loving their neighbours as Jesus taught us.

Kim added “Shopping for many is hard work but thoroughly worthwhile. It gives you lots of ideas for different foods!!! You can copy someone else’s food plans for the week!!!”

With some 200 or so boats moored in the Marina near the small village of  Braunston it’s good to know that Kim is around to chat, offer support and to help out in so many practical ways.