Waterways Chaplains help with spectacular Middlewich breach

Aerial view of Middlewich Breach 2018

On the 16th of March, there was a  spectacular breach of the Middlewich arm of the Trent & Mersey Canal. Four of our Chaplains, Malcolm & Stephanie Grey-Smart and Fiona & Martin Buck were in the area to assist.

They said,

“Hi. We’ve just returned from Middlewich having met the fantastic Canal and River Trust Volunteer team and some lovely CRT staff. 

We identified two live aboard boats and one boater who were  en-route to Dunchurch Marina. They’re all grateful of the support the people from Middlewich have given them and it’s humbling to hear to what lengths these boaters have been supported. All other boat owners have been contacted and The Trust seem to be in full control. 

The Trust plan to re water the stretch to enable all boats to be moved onto the T & M. Once done they will close the section again to facilitate the repairs. 

They were very appreciative of our presence and we have distributed leaflets to all relevant parties. 

The volunteers are working hard to clean up the section and are doing sterling work.”

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