What do we do?

Waterways Chaplains offers support to those who use and live on the UK waterways and canals. Chaplains are volunteers from local churches who regularly visit the waterways offering companionship and a listening ear to individuals and businesses.

Waterways Chaplains assissting at a foodbank

How can Waterways Chaplains help?

'Dear Chaplain, thank you so much for doing our dad proud by doing such a great service. Your words meant a lot to us. Thank you for your support, God bless, love V & B.'

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Meet the team

Revd Mark Chester, Senior Chaplain

Revd Mark Chester 07717 813682

I am a Church of England priest and was commissioned Senior Chaplain, Waterways in March...
Lorraine Newman Team Leader River Lee

Lorraine Newman

Lorraine Newman, Regional Coordinator South East  07703 302157
Richard Alford

Revd Richard Alford

Richard Alford, Regional Coordinator, Midlands 07702 842794
Barbara Davis, team leader river Stort

Barbara Davis

Barbara Davis, Regional Coordinator Kennet & Avon 07792 108554
Revd. Mark Rudall

Revd. Mark Rudall

Revd. Mark Rudall, Regional Coordinator Wey & Basingstoke 07779 654975

Andy Taylor

Temporary Regional Coordinator, Andy Taylor North West 07853 015299
Fran Braybrook Waterways Chaplain

Fran Braybrook

Banbury/Oxfordshire Canal

Malcolm Ernst

Leighton Buzzard to Apsley
Bob Wayment, Waterways Chaplain

Bob Wayment


Janet Wayment

Jan Wayment, Braunston
ERic Sharman, Waterways Chaplain

Eric Sharman

Lower Grand Union
Mike Wllis

Mike Wallis

Bourne End to Berkhampstead
Angie Baldwin

Angie Baldwin

Revd A Dann, Waterways Chaplain

Revd Adrian Dann

Roving Chaplain
Steve Jenkins Waterways Chaplain

Steve Jenkins

Lower Grand Union
Tina Osborne

Tina Osbourne

River Wey, Purford
Anthea Cannell

Anthea Carnell

Roydon, River Stort
Richard Martin Waterways Chaplain

Richard Martin

River Wey, Purford
Elizabeth Martin, Waterways Chaplain

Elizabeth Martin

River Wey, Purford
Chris Dann, Waterways Chaplaincy

Chris Dann

Roving Chaplain
Amanda Allchorn, Waterways Chaplain

Amanda Allchorn

Kings Langley
Carole Brennand, Waterways Chaplains

Carole Brennand

Leeds and Lancaster
Revd. David Brennand, Waterways Chaplain

Revd. David Brennand

Leeds and Lancaster
Richard Stroud, Waterways Chaplain

Richard Stroud

Leighton Buzzard to Apsley
Alan Dewhurst, Waterways Chaplain

Alan Dewhurst

Stephanie Grey-Smart, Waterways Chaplain

Stephanie Grey-Smart

Market Drayton
Malcolm Grey-Smart, Waterways Chaplain

Malcolm Grey-Smart

Market Drayton
Gillian Speight, Waterways Chaplain

Gillian Speight

John Speight, Waterways Chaplain

John Speight


Zillah Chester

Basingstoke River
Waterways Chaplain Kennet & Avon

Sue Stapleton

Kennet and Avon
Bob Stapleton Waterways Chaplain

Bob Stapleton

Kennet and Avon
Andy Smith Waterways Chaplain

Andy Smith

Alison Saunders, Waterways Chaplain

Alison Saunders

Alison Saunders, Hungerford,
Revd Mike Saunders Waterways Chaplain

Revd Mike Saunders

Jackie Tuffs Waterways Chaplain

Jackie Tuffs

Kings Langley
Peter Braybrook WAterways Chaplain

Peter Braybrook

Banbury/ Oxford Canal
Revd Pat Willis

Revd Pat Willis


Angela Hodgson

River Stort

Meet The Team

Andy Smith
Barbara Davis
Regional Coordinator
Regional Coordinator, Kennet & Avon
Sue Smith
Sue Stapleton
Hungerford to Devizes