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Hardship Fund

A significant part of the ministry of Waterways Chaplaincy is to help those suffering hardship.  This is normally achieved through advocacy, befriending and practical help with the aim of empowering the individual. 

On occasion we are asked for financial assistance. We respond to requests which are urgent with help in kind, not cash or grants. Typical examples would be a hot meal (when no local foodbank), coal for heating, a phone card, diesel fuel for the generation of heat and electricity and minor essential boat repairs.

…During August 2021 two Waterways Chaplains visited a boater who’s boat had broken down with major problems so he was now living in a tent by the side of the canal. They visited a few times and (using a donation of £40) have taken: a) a tarpaulin to help cover the back of the boat as it was exposed to the elements b) a rope to tie the tarpaulin down c) high protein food bars, socks and towels c) a visit and introduction to local food bank d) Duck Tape to help with exposed holes in existing tarpaulin e) water wipes f) treats for the dog.

A small Hardship Fund supporting these needs is supported by donations from individuals.  In the wake of the Covid crisis we have seen a greatly increased demand on this fund. If you would like to donate money specifically for this fund, then please use any of the methods detailed at the end of this page, making it clear in the notes or on the cheque that your donation is for the Hardship Fund.

The work we do and the help we provide leads to real transformation in people’s lives and for us to continue with this important ministry we also need to continue to ask for regular financial support in addition to the many grants that we have already gratefully received from a number of trusts and foundations.

Our Impact in 2020 (Jan – December)

About 100 Chaplains in the UK

7784 Voluntary hours given

3074 People supported

How your money could help

Ways to Give

You can make a donation in several ways (please specify if for the Hardship Fund)

  • Using our Ecumenical Partnership Initiatives online portal, adding “Waterways Chaplaincy” in the reference section
  • Via on line banking or standing order – to the Sort Code 20-01-58 Account number 63249573 Name: Workplace Matters; Reference WWC
  • By Cheque payable to “workplace matters” and send to Waterways Chaplains, 41 Hollywell Hill, St Albans, AL1 1HE
  • If you would like to make your donation using your debit or credit card, then you can do this by visiting the Ecumenical Partnership Initiatives online portal, and please add “Waterways Chaplaincy” and also, if appropriate “Hardship Fund” in the reference section.

Donate as you Shop online

You can also donate (at No Cost to you) to the work of Waterways Chaplaincy by registering with Give as you Live (go to or Amazon Smile (go to . Please remember to select Ecumenical Partnership Initiatives as your chosen charity (the underlying registered charity for Waterways Chaplaincy) and Bookmark the link so you can shop this way again.

You can find out more about Donating as you Shop by following this link to our News article

Gift Aid

If you are a UK Taxpayer, then you can boost your donation by 25p of Gift Aid for every £1 you donate. If your donation is made using our Give As You Live online portal, then you will be taken through the process of the Gift Aid declaration as you make your donation.

If you choose to donate via Cheque, Standing order, or On-Line banking, then please download the Gift Aid Declaration form HERE, complete and sign the form and send it to us at Workplace Matters.

Alternatively, you can call our admin team at Workplace Matters on 01727 818144 or email us and our staff will help you make your Gift Aid declaration. Thank you…

Waterways Chaplaincy is part of Workplace Matters, a charity dedicated to bringing meaning and purpose to work and improving wellbeing to those engaged in work, wherever they are. You can find out more about Workplace Matters and the other work they do here.

On behalf of all those who need help and support on the waterways – Thank You!