How can you support this ministry on the waterways?

How can you, your Church, group or organisation support the work of the Waterways Chaplains?  Have a look here for some inspiration.

Is your Church fairly near to a river or canal? You could join with us and maybe have a Waterways Champion through whom you could help practically and spiritually, supporting our work on your ‘patch’. You might additionally designate one day a year where you remember the work on the waterways to reflect on what has previously happened, encourage new recruits and reflect on how better you could help in the new year.

Mission Partnership

St Dunstan is a village church in a rural parish in Hertfordshire called Hunsdon.   The Parish is bordered in the North by the River Stort which is about half a mile from the church and the River Lee flows about two miles to the west.

When church member Lorraine Newman became a Waterways Chaplain back in 2012 church members attended her commissioning on the bank of the River Lee at the Ware Boat Festival. In those early days of the Chaplaincy there were around 10 chaplains on the Grand Union Canal and the Rivers Lee and Stort.

Lorraine often shared interesting things that were happening on the waterways in church services and she was prayed for regularly, particularly by members of the prayer group which met every Monday morning.

National Senior Chaplain Mark Chester demonstrates how we can become ‘fishers of men’
with the use of a throw bag

At Lorraine’s re licensing service in 2018 the church the congregation officially joined the chaplaincy as mission partners.  They agreed to pray for the chaplaincy regularly and the Parochial Church Council generously decided that they would like to give a small amount each month to support the work.

Invite a local Waterways Chaplain to come and share with your Church how we put ‘feet to our faith’. 

We would be very happy to come and speak to your group, or your church and tell you more about what God is doing on the waterways through the work of our waterways chaplains. Talks generally last about 20 minutes and can take place as part of your normal Sunday worship or as a separate session. Our speakers are located across the UK and we have found this is is a convenient way that congregations and individuals can learn more about our work and how they can support us more.

Pray for the waterways

As a Christian organisation we always value prayers from individuals or groups and churches, if you would like to find out more about how you can support us in this way, please do get in touch so that we can put you in touch with your local waterways chaplain and find out what is going on in your area. You can also download a printable PDF of the Waterways Chaplaincy bookmark by clicking here

Waterways Chaplains pray and share God's word with others

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