Volunteer London Waterways Chaplains Sought

Waterways Chaplains Diane and David Pickford

The sun has been shining as the publicity for new volunteer Waterways Chaplains goes on. David and Diane Pickford have been in Little Venice walking the towpath with Mark Chester. There are still a number of boaters around from the festival and they have had some very friendly chats with them. Waterways Chaplains Diane and David PickfordThey have also been able to give out about 20 fridge/ prayer magnets.
Revd Mark Chester has met up with a few Church leaders who have been very welcoming. One of whom would like to launch the Waterways Chaplaincy to his congregation during their harvest festival.
An Assistant Arch Deacon in the area has asked Mark to go back in July and talk to a group of local Church leaders about the work on the waterways.