Let there be light!

Let there be light!

Waterways Chaplain Richard Martin has been shining the light of Christ by making candles to raise funds for the Waterways Chaplaincy’s Hardship Fund.

Richard’s interest in candle making started when he became aware of how many old candles were wasted at his Baptist Church after Christmas services. Never liking to see waste he started melting the candle stumps down and making new candles.  For many years he supplied his Church with red candles every Christmas and these were put into decorative logs on the window cills.  He also started making decorative candles which were sold in a local shop. 

After the shop closed and he changed churches he was looking for an outlet for his candles and came upon the idea of making Advent candles.  These became very popular and after Richard and his wife Elizabeth became Waterways Chaplains he thought it would be good to sell them in aid of the Hardship Fund. 

He has now branched out and as you can see makes a whole range of coloured candles of different shapes and sizes, by dyeing the wax, including Snowmen, Christmas puddings and sometimes even a Father Christmas!  Nearly all the wax used is recycled from old candles including Altar and Pascal candles.   In 2021 he raised nearly £400.00. 

The Waterways Chaplaincy’s Hardship fund provides support for live aboard boaters who are in great need. It enables local chaplains to provide a little bit of support to those who are really struggling.

For those without heating, a bag of coal or a small amount of diesel can make a huge difference to how they survive the winter cold. A mobile phone sim card can enable a boater to contact essential support services and financial benefits.  A tarpaulin can provide essential weather proofing to a very leaky boat.

If you are able to give the hardship fund to support our work, please follow this link