WWC Week of Prayer Walking 2022

WWC Week of Prayer Walking 2022

Each year we dedicate one week in the life of the Waterways Chaplaincy to focus specifically on prayer, which is foundational to our ministry.

This year Monday 21st to Friday 25th February is to be a Week of Prayer Walking when we are encouraging all Waterways Chaplains and their supporters to go out on their local waterway and soak it in prayer – It would be wonderful if you were able to join us praying for our waterways that week. 

We have prepared a guide (which you can download HERE) to help you with your prayer walk. Do read this through in advance. Then print it off and take it with you, or make sure you have it easily to hand on your phone as you walk.

Please also pass on the Prayer Walking guide to any others who might be interested. You might want to encourage your home group or other Christian friends or church members to go out with this guide and soak the waterways with prayer.

So let’s get out there walking and praying! – Thank You!